January 4, 2016

Pursuant to Article IV § 17 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia (“VA Const.”), I petition the General Assembly for investigation and impeachment of Virginia’s government attorneys and employees, including judges, for malfeasance by their intentional acts outside the scope of their employment, judicial capacity, and jurisdiction:

  • by violation of VA Const. VI §§ 1, 5 & 7, and VA Code §§ 54-1-3915 and 54-1-3935, in issuing unauthorized Rules of the VA Supreme Court to usurp the General Assembly’s exclusive legislative authority (, so to create the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board (“VSBDB”) as a “court,” and appoint its members as “judges”;
  • by violation of VA Code §§ 18.2‑499 and 500, in participating in a civil and criminal business conspiracy to injure my reputation, profession, right to employment, and statutory right in my Choate VA Attorney’s Lien for legal services fee owed me as a Virginia attorney.

In summary, to vacate the VSBDB void ab initio order, and to obtain damages for the business conspiracy and malfeasance (see, I petition each of you to act to stop this pattern and practice denying all citizens of Virginia, not only me, of the right under the VA Const. and Code of access to an impartial jury trial to hold government officials accountable for wrongful acts (; and

Respectfully submitted,

         Isidoro Rodríguez 

Isidoro Rodríguez

U.S. residente: 2671 Avenir Place, Apt. 2227, Vienna, Virginia 22180

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2. Jan 25 2015 Memorandum in Support of Petition