Based upon the failure of my U.S. Congress Representative and Senator, as well as any any member of the General Assembly of Virginia to either respond to or much less inquire into my petitionsfor investigation and possible impeachment of Hon U.S. Dist. Judge (E.D. VA) John A. Gibney, Jr., (A Petition to Congress Jan 9 2016) as well as other government attorneys and employees, including judges,(1. Petition VA Gen Ass Jan 4 2016), for malfeasance and business conspiracy in violation of Article VI of the Virginia Constitution and Virginia Code, I have filed a my Petition (P-926-16) (1. Final IACHR Petition) on May 15, 2016, with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), for violation of my, as well as all citizens’ right of access to an impartial court and civil jury trial to hold United States and Virginia government officers accountable.

The Petition was filed to protect the human and civil rights of all citizens of the United States and OAS member states, because, “the Committee has a duty to recall history, that it was the German judges and lawyers from 1933 to 1945 who permitted legal sophistry to assume away the rights of citizens under the Constitution of the Weimar Republic, thereby permitting the legal barbarism and the many forms of legal injustice perpetuated by the Nazi.  As written by Professor Michael Bazyler, The Legacy of the Holocaust and Lessons for Today: Research for a New Textbook Holocaust, Genocide, and the Law, 2004, “By the time the gas vans came and the human slaughter factories were built in Auschwitz and the other death camps, the murder of the six million Jews and other persecuted minorities was done completely within the framework of German law.”

Based on my 40 years of civil litigation, challenging the legal profession and the courts for no longer serving the public, I know that the danger to our United States Republic and all citizens, is the unchecked collusion of USDOJ and the U.S. Federal Courts, with State Judicial Branches, to do away with independent pro hoc vice litigators so to deprive citizens of advocates.  As Dennis DeConcini, U.S. Senator (Ret), wrote in The Fraternity: Lawyers and Judges in Collusion, by John Fitzgerald Molloy. St. Paul, Minn.: Paragon House, “. . . the Courts in [the U.S.] judicial system has, in fact, become the lawmakers, when it is very clear . . . that our Constitution delegated that responsibility to the Congress of the United States and the State Legislatures . . . the legal profession has truly changed from being one of the premier professions in our society to a business where the number one objective or bottom line is financial profit . . . ”

Seldom has there been such clear and extensive evidence of violation of the Charter, and the American Declaration, as well as the U.S. Constitution and Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, by the United States, its government attorneys and employees, including judges, conspiring to systematically deny access to an impartial court and civil trial by jury of the evidence of the ongoing violate the limitations and prohibitions of the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia Constitution and VA Code.

The motive for the acts of malfeasance and business conspiracy, which involve the denying of all citizens of the right to have independent advocates, by seeking to injure my business, profession, reputation, employment, and property rights (3. Notice to President of Rep. of Colombia Jan 3 2015 of Att Lien) by affirming the void ab initio orders disbarring me as pro hoc vice Federal and Virginia litigator in retaliation for seeking to enforce my statutory rights as an attorney, violates the Charter and American Declaration.  These willful unlawful acts have not been limited to conflicting financial interests with my choate Virginia Attorney’s Lien on Sea Search Armada’s claim to treasure trove aboard the Galleon San Jose, but, too are in retaliation for my successful litigation as a pro hoc vice litigation attorney representing nonresident Hispanic United States and Colombian citizens against unlawful government policies and practices, i.e. Gutierrez de Martinez v. Lamagno and Drug Enforcement Administration, 515 U.S. 417 (1995) (DOJ surreally argued that a DEA agent acts causing a car accident while driving drunk and having sex outside of the US were within the “scope of employment”); Organization JD Ltda. v. Assist U.S. Attorney Arthur P. Hui and DOJ, 2nd Cir. No. 93 6019 and 96 6145 (interception without a warrant of all fund transfers to Colombia for more than two months); Lopez v. First Union, 129 F3rd. 1186 (11th Cir. 1997) (Banks and DOJ liable for unlawful interception of wire communication and access to account information without a warrant); and, Cooperative Multiactive de Empeados de Distribuidores de Drogas Coopservir Ltda. v. Newcomb, et al., D.C. Cir. No 99 5190, S Ct. No 99 1893 (DOJ’s issuance of unlawful bill of attainder under War Powers Act).

The record confirms the ongoing denying of access to an impartial court and civil trial by jury to obtain the remedies under domestic law, by the preventing me from exhausting them by summarily dismissing and enjoining complaints against government attorneys and employees, including judges, Isidoro Rodriguez, Esq., v. Jane/John Does of the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board, et al., U.S. Dist. Ct. E.D. VA 12 cv 663 JAB), for the:

(1)        Illegal usurping of legislative power by the surreptitious use of Supreme Court of Virginia rules to replace the decentralized attorney disciplinary system created under VA Code § 54-1-3935, with a centralized system under the court’s control by it establishing the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board (“VSBDB”) as a “kangaroo court,” and naming its members as “judges”” (see and,

(2)        For the business conspiracy to deprive Mr. Rodriguez of his right to employment as an attorney, his international business, profession, and property in violation VA Code §§ 18.2 499 and 500, by the affirming of the VSBDB void ab initio order disbarring me for litigating to enforce my statutory rights ( (i) in my choate VA Attorney’s Lien for fees owed for service as Legal Representative of SSA since 1988; and, (ii) as a father under joint custody agreement and Treaty to protect my 13 year-old U.S. citizen son from being forced from Virginia to the “zone of war” in Colombia in 2002  (

The petition to the OAS provides evidence that the United States:

First, violated rights under Articles XVIII, XXV, and XXVI.

Second, the violated rights under Articles XVIII, and XXIII, by use of the Void Ab Initio Orders; and,

Third, discriminated against me —at least implicitly—based on his being Hispanic and having an office in the Republic of Columbia, and thus violated rights to equality before the law protected under Article V, XIV, and XVII.

Finally, United States violated my right to a remedy for violation of these protected rights guaranteed under Article XVIII, XXIII, and XXVI, through the violation of the void ab initio order doctrine and denial of access to an impartial court and civil trial by jury of the evidence of malfeasance and business conspiracy by the United States its attorneys and employees, including judges acting outside the scope of their authority.


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