July 18, 2016

His Excellency Juan Manuel Santos

President of the Republic

Carrera 8 n. 7‑26

Palacio de Nariño,

Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia


Dear President Santos,

Because of news reports that the Government of the Republic of Colombia has had discussions to settle claims to the treasure trove on the Galleon San Jose, I reconfirm my Notice of a Choate Virginia Attorneys Lien as Legal Representative of Sea Search Armada and Armada Company (“SSA”) since December 1988, on any claim based on the unlawful transfer of title of SSA to Mr. Jack Harbeston and/or my agent Dr. Danilo Devis. (See July 2016 Notice of Lean to Pres of CO with Sp version of IACHR Petition.docx)

In support thereof, I advise you and the Hon. Ministra de Cultura, that in support of my Choate Virginia Attorney’s Lien I filed on May 15, 2016 a Petition (P-926-16) against the United States with The Inter-American Commission On Human Rights (IACHR) (See enclosed informal Spanish translation, and on line English version at http://www.isidororodriguez.com)(2. July 2016 Spanish Final IACHR Petition (2).

The petition is based on the evidence of the United States systematically denying me access to an impartial court and civil trial by jury to deprive of my property right in my Choate Virginia Attorneys Lien and right to employment as a Federal civil litigator retaliation against for successfully representing the rights of nonresident Colombian citizens in the courts of the United States from 1987 to 2000.[1]  In summary, in violation of the domestic law, the Void and Void Ab Initio Order Doctrines, the 5th and 7th Amendments to the United States Constitution, Article VI of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Virginia VA Code, government attorneys and employees, including judges, undertook retaliatory acts of willful malfeasance and business conspiracy with Mr. Jack Harbeston et al.

Seldom has there been such clear and extensive evidence of violation of the OAS Charter, and the American Declaration, by the United States, its government attorneys and employees, including judges, conspiring to systematically deny access to an impartial court and civil trial by jury of the evidence of the violation of the rule of law.  The evidence of the systematic denying access to an impartial court in the United States, which concerns the rights of all citizens of Colombia and all member of the Organization of American States (“OAS”).



Isidoro Rodriguez

cc:        Doctora Manana Garcia Cordoba


Ministero de Cultura

Carrera 8 No. 8-55

Bogota D.C. Colombia


Jack Harbeston

11305 88th St.

Kirkland, WA 98033


Danilo Devis Pereira

Carrera 53 No. 82-86, Oficina 203

Barranquilla Colombia

[1] See Katia Gutierrez de Martinez v. Lamagno and Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”), supra (https://www.oyez.org/advocates/isidoro_rodriguez) (reversed USCA 4th Cir., to hold that a nonresident Hispanic had the right of access to an impartial jury evidentiary hearing of a DEA agent causing a car accident in Barranquilla, Colombia by acts outside “scope of employment,” i.e. driving while under the influence and getting oral sex); Organization JD Ltda. v. Assist U.S. Attorney Arthur P. Hui and DOJ, 2nd Cir. No. 93‑6019 and 96‑6145 (DOJ’s attorneys can be hold accountable for unauthorized interception of nonresident Hispanic U.S./Colombian citizens’ fund transfers in violation of the Electronic Communications Act (“ECPA”)); Lopez v. First Union, 129 F3rd. 1186 (11th Cir. 1997) (DOJ and the banks can be hold accountable for unlawful access to nonresident Hispanic U.S./Colombian citizens account information and interception of wire communications.