(The hearing was televised live on Fairfax County Television Channel 16 (Channel 1016 in HD on Cox; Channel 16 on Verizon or Comcast), and can also be viewed online through the Channel 16 stream.)

            Good Morning, I am Isidoro Rodriguez.  More than 55 years ago I took the oath to defend our constitutional system under our Republic against all enemies “foreign and domestic.”  That oath never expires.  Thus, I appear before you today not to ask for funds or any government largest, but demand that each of you abide by the oath you took for your office as a member of the General Assembly.

            In that context, my comment prior to all of you prior to the 2019 Session of the General Assembly of Virginia is to bring to the attention of each of you and the citizens of Virginia that each of you who were in office in February 2017 enacted an ex post facto VA Code § 54.1-3935 (2017) in violation of the mandate of separation or power by surreally “conform[ing] the statutory procedure” established in 1931 under VA Code § 54.1-3935 (1950) of a decentralized attorney discipline system to retroactively adopt unconstitutional 1998 Rules of Supreme Court of Virginia (“Court”) creating a centralized attorney discipline system to do away with independent attorneys.

            The evidence is that in February 2017 each of you, and in particular my representatives Senator Richard L. Saslaw and Delegate Marcus B. Simon-acted outside the “sphere of legitimate legislative activity” by violating your oath of office, violating the prohibition under Art. I § 9 VA Const. against ex-post facto law, violating the mandate of separation of power between the General Assembly and the Supreme Court of Virginia (“Court”) under Art. I § 5 VA Const., violating Art. VI § 1, 5, and 7 VA Const., and violating the amending procedure under XII § 1 VA Const.

            In summary:

            First, each of you refused to investigate my past petitions as to the Court’s the violation of the delegated rulemaking authority (See presentations to NOVA members of the General Assembly, https://t.co/sLv7pz3zD5 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAkEfjcA5sQ) (See also http://www.isidororodriguez.com complaint for the assertion of “impunity” for violation of the U.s. and Virginia constitutions filed with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) (P-926-16), and the United Nations Committee on Human Rights Complaints), but rather each of you who were in office in February 2017 surreally voted to enact an ex post facto law to retroactively “conform the statutory procedure [under VA Code § 54.1‑3935 (1952)] for the disciplining of attorneys,” to the 1998 unconstitutional Court’s rules.

            Second, each of you who were in office in February 2017 usurped the exclusive amending power of the citizens of Virginia under XII § 1 VA Const. by enacting the ex post facto law expanding in violation of the mandate of separation of power-the Court’s authority retroactively by adopting the 1998 unconstitutional Court rules: (a) that unlawfully establish a centralized statewide attorney disciplinary system under the Court’s control; (b) that unlawfully created the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board (VSBDB”) as a lower court with judicial authority to discipline attorneys; and, (b) that unlawfully permitted the Court to appoint VSBDB members as lower court judges.

            Thus, irrespective of being Democrat, Republican or Independent, citizens must take action to assure the separation of power and an independent legal profession not controlled by the Court.  Citizens must compel the General Assembly during this 2019 Session to vacate the ex-post facto law (See www.isidororodriguez.com).[1]

            After that, citizens must take action to compel the General Assembly and the Court’s compliance with the limitations and prohibitions under the VA Const. and VA Code, or if the citizens determine to amend the separation of power established since 1789 under Va Const. between the Legislative and Judicial Branch, citizens can direct the General Assembly to begin the constitutional amending procedures under Art. XII § 1 VA Const.[2]

Date: January 5, 2019


Isidoro Rodriguez

2671 Avenir Place, Apt 2227

Vienna, Virginia 22180

Mobile phone No. 571.477.5350

E-mail: busness@isidororodriguez.com

            [1] I note from 2010 thru 2017, each of you refused to inquire into my petitions and comments seeking an investigation of the Court’s defiance of the mandated decentralize statewide attorney disciplinary system under Art. IV §§ 1, 5, and 7 VA Const., and VA Code § 54.1‑3915 & § 54.1‑3935 (1952) by the Court’s issuance in 1998 of unconstitutional court rules in “clear absence of all [judicial authority and] jurisdiction” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9jBOJ34sa8&feature=youtu.be).  Thus, I have filed a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment (Isidoro Rodriguez v. General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, et al., Fairfax County Cir. Ct., Docket No. CL-2018-0016227, 11/14/2018), and a Petition for Writ of Mandamus (Isidoro Rodriguez v. Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board, Fairfax County Cir. Ct., Docket No. CL-2018-0016433, 11/19/2018) to challenge the ex post facto law and seek a binding adjudication of my rights under the common law, VA Const. and VA Code by obtaining accountability for acts outside the sphere of legitimate legislative activity by the General Assembly, acts outside scope of employment by the Office of the Governor and Attorney General, and acts outside of judicial authority by the Supreme Court of Virginia et al., by a Class 2 felony VA Code§§ 18.2‑481 & 482 to “[resist] the execution of the laws under color of authority” by their business conspiracy to damage my law practice, reputation, profession, and property rights.

[2] However, I note and stress that it was Patrick Henry in 1988, as well as the other original drafter of the both the VA and U.S. Constitutions who mandated the separation of power, because they observed,

[p]ower is the great evil with which we are contending. We have divided power between three branches of government and erected checks and balances to prevent abuse of power. However, where is the check on the power of the judiciary? If we fail to check the power of the judiciary, I predict that we will eventually live under judicial tyranny.” (Emphasis added)