To avoid wasting time with you all trying to “reinvent the Wheel,” I attach for your information and use my recent SCOTUS filings and the summarily dismissed RICO action under 18 USC, including Sections 241 and 242. See also  my website of the copies of my complaints and appeals since 2016:
Consequently, I advise you because of the nationwide injunction, the Hon. Judge Bossenburg imposed on  my litigations to hold the Judicial Branch, am now having to prepare a motion to permit me to file litigation for the ongoing violation by both the Virginia and Federal Judicial Branch to do away with the mandate of  separation of power, denial of the right to 7th Amendment Common Law Jury trial for Malfeasance, and the self-proclaimed grant of absolute Judicial Immunity to the Judicial Branch for acts outside the scope of their constitutional judicial authority and scope of employment under  Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1) Cranch) 137 (1803) and the Void Ab Initio order doctrine. See my website for the complaint I filed in 2016 with the OAS and UN for violations of the United States’ treaties to have an impartial judicial branch.

By sharing my litigation experiences since 1978  seeking to hold government employees and judges accountable under various sections of 18 USC, including sections 241 and 242, I assert will assist your efforts.

In summary, there must be a nationwide effort to succeed since the United States’ legal profession has evolved into no longer serving justice and the public– but rather money and power.   Under the Stewardship of Chief Justice Rehnquist and now Chief Justice Roberts the United States, as I wrote in 2003 opposing his appointment, the U.S. Judicial Conference has held and manipulated secret meetings to develop policies to permit Federal Judges to dismiss actions for accountability summarily and has denied the 7th Amendment right to a jury trial in accordance with the common law right to always accountability.  Compounding this, the Judicial Branch declares itself absolutely immune from accountability for violations of the limitation and prohibitions under the States and Federal Constitution.

To summarize, my recent SCOTUS Petition for Injunction and Petition for Cert, as well as a Statement of Interest to the U.S. Attorney General et al.. (Docket No. 20-25, cert not granted) and the theme of my litigations since 2003 (See, asserts with clear evidence of the systematic denial to an impartial court and 7th amendment right to an evidentiary hearing to a jury trial of acts outside the scope of employment and logically judicial authority. (See the 1995 case I won before SCOTUS in Katia Gutierrez de Martinez v. Lamagno and DEA, 115S.Ct. 227 (1955) (Rehnquist dissenting)


In this context, my pending litigation challenging the Virginia General Assembly and the Supreme Court of Virginia, as well as the Federal Judicial Branch, for their enacting ex post facto legislation in 2017 in response to my OAS and UN Complaint, as well as petitions to the General Assembly by the retroactive amending of the VA Code to adopt the 1998 illegal court rules expanding the power of the Virginia Judicial Branch in violation of the Virginia Constitution, as well as the amending procedure given only to the citizens under the Virginia Constitution.  These are criminal acts outside of their authority as void ab initio different from the RICO allegations in my 2013 complaint.
However, since SCOTUS is willfully violating its duty to assure compliance with Federal as well as State Constitutions consistent with the U.S. Constitution (Associate Justice Thomas’s recent dissent in The Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Vernica Degraffeneid, No. 20-542, and Jake Corman et al. v. Pennsylvania Democratic Party, et. al. No. 20-574, at 592 U.S.__ (2021), a nationwide movement is necessary. 
The evidence developed during my litigation, as well as having worked as a White House appointee in both the Carter and Reagan Administrations, is that for the past 50 years the Socialist Democratic Party and RINO’s have combined to politize the Federal and State Judicial Branches to undertake a policy to Systematically deny access to an impartial court to citizens by not enforcing the mandate of separation of power under the state constitutions and the U.S. Constitution which is the foundation of our Republic. There has been a criminal conspiracy by the legal profession to defy and assume the gridwork of power in violation of and in willful defiance of the restriction on judicial power under  Marbury v. Madison, and the Void Ab Initio order doctrine.  The motive has been to focus power on the Federal Government under the control of the unaccountable Washington D.C. Oligarchy.
In closing, in further support of the above argument, evidence will be found in Mr. Peter Navarrow’s three-volume analysis of the 2020 election ( See Vol III page 3).
If you have any questions, contact me.

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