On February 11, 2020, in Isidoro Rodriguez vs. The Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board (No 191136) I argue before a panel of the Supreme Court of Virginia

            I am challenging the government’s surreal argument that the Supreme Court of Virginia under the VA Code § 54.1-3909, had the power to not comply with the restrictions under Art. VI § 5 of the VA Const. and VA Code § 54.1-3915 to disregard the decentralized County Circuit Court attorney disciplinary system established in 1950 under VA Code § 54.1-3935 (1950-2009).  Thus, the government argues that the Court lawfully created a centralized system under its control by issuing Court Rules to defy the limited delegation of authority of the Court to regulate the professional conduct of attorneys and law students.

            Therefore, I seek a Writ of Mandamus to enjoin the violation of Art. VI § 1 of the VA Const. by unlawful Court Rules that created the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board as a kangaroo court with judicial authority.

            However, the record confirms the “systemic denial of access” to an impartial common law jury trial and County Court to hold government attorneys accountable for a business conspiracy in violation of VA Code §§ 18.2-499 & 500 that damaged my law practice, reputation, profession and right to employment since 2003 and for violating the limitations, prohibitions, and separation of powers under Art. VI and XII of the VA Const., and by breaking the Void Ab Initio Order Doctrine.

            Subsequently, this business conspiracy was oddly confirmed and compounded by the evidence of the Office of the Governor, Office of Attorney General, members of the General Assembly, and the Courts violation of the duty to enforce the limitation, prohibitions, and separation of power under our Virginia and U.S. Constitutional mandate under our Republican form of Gov’t. by their colluding:

            a. in February 2017 to violate Art. 1 § 9, Art. VI § 5, and Art. XII § 1 of the VA Const. to enact ex post facto amendment to VA Code § 54.1-3935 (1950-2009) retroactively adopt the unlawful 1998 Court Rules giving itself judicial authority; and,

            b. in March 2017 to violate Art. IV § 14, ¶3(18) to enact VA Code § 8.01-223.2 to grant immunity to the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board from accountability for the business conspiracy (See 2019 HB 2111).   (See

            The results of these unlawful court rule, ex post facto VA Code, and efforts to grant immunity has been enacted as a policy to deny citizens of an independent legal profession able/willing to challenge the abuse of power by Government attorneys and judges acting outside the scope of authority.  Consequently, the Writ of Mandamus must be issued to the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board.

Isidoro Rodriguez (571)477-5350   

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